Rosenstein’s Ordonnance de la police génerale de St. Barthelemy

”Pehr Herman Von Rosenstein made me do it”. See, I haven’t posted here in a minute and theres several reasons for it which I might share some other time lol, nonetheless I thought I’d briefly share some of what I’ve been studying this past month.

Like a year ago I did a series on here about Swedens History of Racism, amongst the things I briefly covered then was our former colony S:t Barthélemy. For my course this term I’ve been writing a paper on the swedish ”Code Noir”. For those who havent heard of it the originl Code Noir: Édit du Roy was put together in 1685 by King Louis XIV of France with the purpose of defining the conditions of slavery in the French colonial empire.

What I’ve been studying is our own Swedish version of this whom many are unaware of even existed, and to be honest it was really difficult for me in the beginning of this study to allocate this ”Ordonnance” to begin with. After reading some on in my search for these documents I found out that we seem to have had a history of ”misplacing” or ”mishandling” our records. Thus I’ll be sharing some of it here, hoping it might assist somebody else in the future interested in looking into Swedens colonial past.

(After digging a bit, it seems the physical original of the ”Ordonnance”, should be available at the swedish national archive (Riksarkivet), and if I ever end up going I’ll make sure to try to get a picture of it.)

First up is a an (English) excerpt from the local newspaper The Report of St. Bartholome No. 5 & 6 from 1804 which printed sections from the original edict/text.

Here’s the full Swedish transcrip of the original Rosensteins’ Ordonnance de la police géneral S:t Barthelemy.

The original Ordonnance was written by the governor of S:t Barthelemy of the time: Pehr Herman Von Rosenstein, who was one of the first people to arrive with ”Sprengporten” the first ship sent out to the colony right after it shifted ownership from French to Swedish in 1784.

I’ll also be adding the original (French) Code Noir here:


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