7/4-20 part 2

She wanted to coin bars,
she wanted to birth rhymes,
but she ain’t ever had it in her to share it with the times-

A new rome,(an)
creators would wield it.

The masters, the villains, the Zahs.
Yield it, bend, skip break at their will.
Their lungs…. could kill.

There is nothing I desire like the word itself.
If I could have but one wish itd be to live as loudly as they do through word.

Every punctuation a breath,
every matched syllable a code.

Like Da vinci but way more culturally involved.

I never wanted to write! I’ve always been a talker, since I was a walker,
look at ‘er.

never good enough,
show it,
get a compliment, throw it,
forget you ever thought it was worth anyone knowing,
it’s too much.
Not enough,
way to salty wet, yet dry af.



Let me live,

All I desire,
is the wor(l)d power.

7/4-20 part 1

Corresponding forces of black and light,
I pause,
step out
and look at the stars this night.
With gas and conundrum,
chaos and heat,
they burn with shared passion that pushes my feet.

Another night, like any other, envelopes me whole,
I sink into it deep,
yet somehow stay a float.
Puls is the waves,
mind is the drift,
shifting in and out
me and everything that is.
I is. Are. Am. All.

Breezy, A (world) SeMinaR.