About me

Sooo here’s me introducing me, the face behind the screen. Sending a Hi from Stockholm to wherever you’re at.

I’m Lisa (or Marakulus), a 22 year old Swedish/Jamaican history student @ Uppsala University. I enjoy what my father would call ”professionally striving backwards” lol. This blog serves as a platform for me to share thoughts and information regarding different topics both old and new. Everyday Is history in the making, which is great! Because I’ll literally never run out of stuff to read and write to you about…. I guess I’m in it for life.

The text under the title at the top of my blog reads ”Bakom kulisserna, mellan raderna, i böckerna och i historien” which is Swedish for: Behind the scenes, in between the lines, in books and in history. Sounds a bit strange out of context, I know, but to me that’s where I tend to find myself -Behind the scenes, in between the lines, nose-deep in a book whilst caught living in history.

Naturally, my blog is bound to end up there too.