Caribbean ”Radicals” and building a foundation

I haven’t been super into social media as of late, however one of the great benefits of these global networks is the access to and interactions one share with cool people who happen to be far away.

Specifically on twitter, I follow a bunch of these cool people. In particular a bunch of black intellectuals who lift topics on the daily that gets my head buzzing in all the the best ways.

One of them is Dr. CBS @ blackleftaf, who posted this tweet a few days ago:

Under it people started listing Caribbean writers who’ve made important contributions to everything from pan-africanism, anti-racism work and neo-colonial studies, to the basics of class/imperial anlysis from a non-western perspective.

My first thought was – Wow Im so grateful I follow great people who provide me with homework on the daily to further my dive in these fields. (Thus I started compiling comments into a list of people to check off.)

My second thought was, wow I have so much to read now, yikes (yay).

Here’s the list:

Frantz Fanon
Aime Cesaire
Walter Rodney
Claudia Jones
Winston James
Jemima Pierre
Lloyd Best
Eric Williams
CLR James
Hubert Harrisson
Oliver Cox
Rhoda Reddock
Richard B Moore
Alissa Trotz
Aaron Kamugisha
Percy C Hintzen
Monique Bedasse
George Padmore
Zophia Edwards
Marcus Garvey
Amy Jacques Garvey
Amy Ashwood Garvey
Otto Huiswoud
Harvey R Neptune
Michael Bennett
Brian Meeks
Anthony Bogues
Paget Henry
Michael-Rolph Trouillot
Michael Ralph
Angelique V Nixon
Sylvia Wynter

Some of them I’ve heard of before and some I haven’t, I figured I’d put the list here for anyone who might be interested in reading some of their work too. Some are older contibutions and some are newer ones. I recommend checking the original thread if you’re on twitter since I might’ve missed some that’ve been added later + following @ blackleftaf since she drops gems on the daily.

My plan is to check them off gradually along side my studies, and I’ll be starting with this one:

The titel of this post is a play on the supposed radicalness of prominent black thinkers. Specifically those who chose to criticize the status quo of the world – imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism and white supremacy. They laid the foundation so that people like myself today who wishes to crack open the old paradigm and bring forth the birth of a new, can see where we’ve been and won’t have to start from scratch (at least in thought). They already knew that for us to move further, past ground level action, we’d have to do our homework, so they left us a bunch.

Why did so many ”radical” voices come out of the Caribbean? One might ask. I honestly don’t know. Maybe it was the violent birth of nations that wouldn’t have existed otherwise followed by the scramble for a new post-colonial identity? Whatever it was, it produced some of the greatest thinkers and voices in history.

If you end up reading any of them or already have and feel like discussing it – drop a comment, either on here, twitter or instagram. The digitalisation brought us together supposedly for this exact reason. I’ll also be checking in here with thought’s and maybe a review or two as I go along.

‘Til next time